We are all on our own

Liberal victory means resident will no longer support charitable causes

So the people of the Penticton Riding have spoken. You have elected a career politician to look after your interests, good luck.

As of this day, I will no longer give to any charitable organization in this town, I will no longer support any fundraisers to help in any endeavor that will benefit the unfortunate. The apathetic attitude of the voters in Penticton has forced me to think this way. I suggest that all these fundraising organizations knock on the door of the Liberals and ask for a handout. My door will be closed to all.

When it is time for you to go and seek help in our hospital or our affordable senior residences, which are sadly lacking, remember my words, “Liberals are liberal with your money and give it gladly to their Liberal friends, but not to the ordinary citizen.” We are on our own.

Sabina Notz