Challenge Penticton enjoyed California recruiting trip

Challenge Penticton travels to California on recruiting trip

With 1,200 athletes signed up for Challenge Penticton, general manager Barb Haynes went to the Wildflower triathlon hunting for participants last weekend.

“It was great,” said Haynes, during an announcement which the Penticton Hospitality Association donated $35,000 to be used in marketing efforts. “I had a great opportunity to meet athletes.”

Haynes was joined by marketing assistant Kelsey Koebel as there were as many as 6,000 athletes there during the May 4 weekend. Haynes said they were able to connect and chat with the athletes.

“We let them know about our race and city,” said Haynes, extending them an invite.”Very successful. Had some confirmations that people were going online to register. Good conversations with sponsors.”

Haynes said it is common to go to other locations to recruit athletes and said there are plans to travel to Roth, Germany, to do the same.

“It’s all a part of the building process,” she said of the inaugural Challenge event in North America. “Creating that buzz of activity around the event.”

It was also announced that Hammer Nutrition has signed up as a nutrition sponsor for three years, providing the athletes with liquid and gels. Challenge Penticton will be held on Aug. 25/2013.