Clan enjoys training camp retreat

SFU Clan women's soccer team started its training camp in Penticton

Simon Fraser University Clan women’s soccer team enjoyed a hard working retreat in Penticton last week.

The Clan held the first three days of their camp at King’s Park Aug.18-20. Aja Choy-Halo, a senior on the Clan, used her connection with Pinnacles FC executive director and head coach Ezra Cremers to set up the camp.

“I feel it’s like my second home,” said Choy-Halo, who played for the Pinnacles under-21 team three years ago. “Definitely comforting to be back here. Makes me proud because I did a lot of work at the facility here going into my second year. It’s fun to be back here right to start my senior year.”

Choy-Halo said her time with the Pinnacles helped her stay in shape and was key in her development. While it gave her added fitness and touches on the ball, it was with the Pinnacles that Choy-Halo made her transition from defender to attacker.

“That was super useful,” she said.

Choy-Halo is excited about her final season with the Clan because the program is undergoing change with new coach Annie Hamel. Choy-Halo, a Nanaimo product, said the team is stocked with the tools needed to be successful.

“I want to win,” she said, adding she has had enough of three years of losing steaks.

The initial part of the camp impressed Choy-Halo, who endured a 1-11 season in the Great Northwest Athletic Conference in the National Collegiate Athletic Association last season.

“It was unreal. I couldn’t have asked for better,” she said, adding that the fields were great for them to train on. “Everything went smooth and the girls had a lot of fun.”

“We’re trying a lot of things and seeing what the winning recipe is for us,” said Hamel, adding that their camp ends Sept. 2 and the season beginning Sept.7. “We want to play a different brand of football and be hard working.”