Demand for hoop camp not fading

Penticton Basketball Camp maintains interest after 30 years

Fred Fedorak has had doubts in recent years whether the Penticton Basketball Camp would return.

Interest and demand hasn’t been in doubt and that keeps the camp going strong. While other summer camps are held in the Lower Mainland, the Interior camp continues to draw from its local area and others in the province. What also helps keep the camp going strong is the instruction by university coaches Bruce Langford, the Simon Fraser University Clan women’s coach and Kevin Hanson, coach of the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds men’s team.

Fedorak, the camp organizer, worried that Langford and Hanson might decide to not return. With Langford that won’t be the case.

Helping with the camp is one of the highlights of Langford’s summer. He said last year went smoothly and the players are keen. Not only that, he and his wife enjoy visiting the wineries.

“Four days is right amount,” said Langord. “Kids can wear out quick and die if they haven’t done anything for a bit. They stay keen and focused all the way through.”

Langford has always found the skill of the players to be reasonably consistent.

“It continues to prove to be one of the best camps in the province for the teaching of basketball skills,” said Fedorak. “Camp sessions include, besides the teaching of basic fundamentals, a variety of contests and games, which are focused on learning as well as providing some fun.”

Hanson will return with some of his active players to conduct the boys’ camp from July 30 to Aug. 2.  Langford said a few of his players badly want to help coach the girls’ camp Aug. 7 to Aug. 10.

Both camps register players entering Grades seven through 12 in September. Grades seven to nine in the development section are located at Princess Margaret School. Grades 10 to 12 are located in the advanced section held at Pen High. Camps runs daily from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. with a 30-minute break for lunch.

“So far the numbers are okay,” said Fedorak, adding he has 80 kids registered.

Fedorak said he figures the numbers will reach near 160 as they tend to jump in July.

Complete information and registration forms may be obtained at or contacting Fred Fedorak at 250-493-6387,

Elementary grade levels two to six, for a seperate camp, can contact Dustin Hyde of the Penticton Lakeside Basketball Camp, 250-490-0050, held July 9 to 12.