Freestyle club gets comfy on the podium

AFC coach impressed by 21 podium finishes during Timber Tour championship

Twenty-one podium finishes.

It’s an impressive number to Apex Freestyle Club coach Kenni Kuroda.

His club wrapped up its season at Vernon’s Silver Star Mountain for the Timber Tour championship March 22 to 24.

“For us to podium that many times with that calibre of skiing was really something,” said Kuroda. “I was very pleased with the ones that podiumed for the first time.”

Those were Lyndsay Leask, who placed third in slope style and Freddy Albrechtson, third in dual moguls in the Super Youth Challenge.

“They really put on a big effort to make it there,” said Kuroda.

Liam Collyer won gold in single moguls, while Teigan Holinaty won gold in slope style in the eight- and nine-year-old category and also picked up a bronze in dual moguls. In the same age group for boys, Alec Henderson took gold in slope style and bronze in dual moguls, while Chad Collyer earned bronze in slope style and gold in single moguls. Ryha Covert, in the five to seven-year-old girls, earned silver in slope style, gold in single moguls and silver in dual moguls.

In the Timber Tour best of series awards, Kassidy Todd was second overall in moguls in F4 female, Madison Parker was third overall in moguls in F4 female, Max Todd was third overall in moguls M4 male. Kyle Parker was second overall in moguls in M3 male and Koleton Phipps was third overall in moguls M3 male. Rookie of the Year went to Brayden Kuroda, while Kassidy Todd, after being runner up for B.C. Freestyle Spirit Award a year ago, won it this year.

“This epitomizes the whole concept of freestyle skiing,” said Kenni Kuroda of the B.C. Freestyle Spirit Award. “Coaches choose a person who is a very good skier, a competitor, but a very good person as well. She fit the bill to a T. It was almost unanimous that she win that award. That is saying a lot.”

Todd, who has been staring at her new plaque daily, said getting that recognition is a great experience.

“I tried to be the best person I could be this year,” said Todd.

During the championship, Todd earned bronze medals in the single and dual moguls on what she said was one of the better courses on the Timber Tour. The highlightd of her season was the championship and earning second overall in moguls. During the season she worked on her jumps and this off season plans to train on the water ramp in Penticton.

Kuroda earned his honour competing against athletes two years older.

“It was awesome,  said Brayden, who during the weekend placed second in dual moguls and fourth in single moguls.

“I got chosen for doing my best in the events.My friend told me and I didn’t believe him at first.”

Kenni said being named Rookie of the year is huge considering his age.

The AFC coach praised the efforts of Phipps, who placed third overall in moguls in M3.

“He tries so hard. For him to finally get some recognition for his efforts was really pleasing for me,” said Kuroda.

Phipps is excited to have that and it improved his confidence entering dual moguls which he placed second.

“It was a little bit challenging because of the pitch change,” said Phipps, adding that the final weekend was among his season highlights. “As long as you held your control and speed, it was all right.”

During the weekend, Mackenzie Schwinghammer, F4, earned silver in the single and dual moguls, while Kassidy Todd picked up bronze in those events. Madison Parker was fourth in dual moguls and fifth in singles, while Shaina Finlayson was seventh in slope style and single moguls. In M2 male, AFC alumni Jordan Cario took second in single and duals moguls, while Riley Culver was second in slope style. In M3, AFC member Kyle Parker was first in dual moguls, third in single moguls and third overall. In M3, alumni Noah Spence was first in single moguls and third in duals and earned first overall in moguls. In M4 males, Max Todd was fourth in single and dual moguls. James Naude placed in the top 10 of dual moguls.  Koleton Phipps was fourth in single and second in duals. Rhys Swenson and Cam Kapusty placed sixth and seventh respectively in slope style.