Local skater takes Throwdown

Penticton's Austin Doell took the top spot at the PenTown Throwdown skateboard competition on Saturday.

Lean and mean

Lean and mean

A local skater came out on top amongst nearly 30 competitors at the Pentown Throwdown skateboard competition on Aug. 8.

“I was pretty stoked,” said Austin Doell, who rides on the local Pentagon Board Shop team. “It was a pretty solid day, I was pumped.”

A a frontside lip slide down the nine-stair rail at the Penticton Skatepark highlighted Doell’s run.

Mitch Ellklan, an organizer for the competition, part of the 68th annual Penticton Peach Festival, was excited to see Doell riding for the first time under the Pentagon Board Shop team.

“Austin crushed it, it was super cool,” Ellklan said. “That was was the first contest he rode in, he’s been in other ones before, but officially as part of the team. So I was really impressed.”

“He did his line really clean, everything was dialled in, it was like flawless.”

The competition entered its third year with a new format, which worked out well Ellklan said.

“We changed the format up. We did under-16 and over-16 and both groups were killing it. Everyone was doing super well and it was really rad.”

The event featured a skateboard competition as well as a bowl jam and some free sneakers and other merchandise were given away via a product toss.

“I thought it was pretty big with all the hype from Pentagon, they did a really good job putting it on,” Doell said.

Doell won $250 for his first place finish. The remaining results from the event are as follows:

Over 16

1 Austin Doell 250

2 Ross Ouellette 175

3 Rowan Decuypere 1000


Under 16

1 Blake Giruan 100

2 Grayson Eneas 75

3 Marcus Adam 50


1 Dave Laliberte 100

2 Brandon Vandulken 75

3 Joey Krank 50