Meet to put swimmers to the test

KISU swim club hosting its first meet of the season with nearly 300 competing

KISU’s Iron Pentathlon swim meet Oct.17-19 at the Penticton Community Centre is being used by the local club to see where its swimmers are at.

“We are really excited to see how the swimmers perform in the water,” said KISU coach Tina Hoeben, who has 62 swimmers in the main meet and 70 in the jamboree.

That number is a high for the club.

Academy swimmers have been working hard to get their fitness back and Hoeben has seen great improvement so she is looking forward to seeing them race. The younger swimmers have been working on technique as well as fitness, while the youngest have focused on getting their strokes, turns and starts to a point where they are comfortable and legal in the water.

“I’m hoping for big things, but it is still early in the season, so I’m also approaching this meet as a means of telling us where we are and what we need to improve on,” said Hoeben.

There will be eight other clubs competing for a total of 275 swimmers in the main meet and 155 in the jamboree.