Pescada and Burt come up big in men’s indoor soccer

HLW and Rona collect wins in BTB Men’s Indoor Soccer

Harvey-Lister-Webb: 9

Zico Pescada (3), Alan Clarke (2), Dave Crompton (2), Peter Ruocco and Ray Evans.

TC Auto Sales: 3

Joe Kandola (2) and Peter Toth.

HLW 3-1-0, TC Auto Sales 2-2-0.



Andy Burt (4), Paul Borba (2), Ron Dirksen (2) Duarte Francisco and Rob Lionello.

PE Lock and Key: 5

Kevin Kothlow (3), Ernie Blumke and Gord McLaren.

Rona is 3-1-0 and PE Lock and Key is 0-4-0.