Skating to shine in global spotlight

Glengarry figure skaters are taking A Trip Around the World on Saturday.

Glengarry figure skaters are taking A Trip Around the World on Saturday.

That is the theme for the year-end ice show as they take flight at Memorial Arena from 6 to 8 p.m. Over 100 skaters from the disciplines of CanSkate, Junior Academy, StarSkate and CanPower will take to the ice. The show will feature both group and solo performances from skaters aged three to 17. With practises this week and a rehearsal on Friday, coach Alex Sergeev said the skaters appear to be ready.

“I’m excited for the little skaters,” said Sergeev. “There will be a big audience.”

With 21 groups having the spotlight, they will represent 15 countries as part of A Trip Around the World. “It will be a good finish to the season,” said Sergueev.


Admission is $5 per person

or $10 per family.


The Glengarry Figure Skating Club recently watched Caroline Rahkola, win its only gold during the Ogopogo Freeskate competition, while Francesca Amante finished second in both the Gold triathlon and Gold interpretive. Ekaterina Sergeeva placed third in the Gold triathlon. While the club had three qualify for the Pacific skate championship, Jolene Kellerman was the only member to attend.

The home finale on Saturday will also have an awards ceremony to recognize the clubs best skaters as chosen by the coaches.

While their 2010/11 winter season comes to a close, Glengarry will again be offering a Spring Skating School program from April 4 to May 13, as well as our Summer Skating School Program from July to mid-August. Visit their website at for program and registration details.