Ultraman Canada becomes Ultra515 Canada

Shift in name for Ultraman Canada comes with more changes by organizer

Ultraman Canada is now Ultra515 Canada.

Business owner and race organizer Steve Brown made the announcement Monday regarding the name change on the eve of opening applications for the 2015 event, which marks its 15th anniversary.

“I have decided to move forward with a different name and business model for the event,” said Brown in a release.

“Even though this is a name change, we will still be offering the same great course and the same great group of organizers that our athletes have come to expect from my races. What we will be more focused on is greater services and amenities and increasing the athlete and crew experience within the already unique atmosphere of fellowship and goodwill.

“I have had discussions with other directors and events over the last couple of years and managed to find some like-minded individuals in terms of our business philosophy and vision of where the ultra-distance triathlon world is going,” continued Brown.

“What the group needed was someone to move forward and start the process to establish a new series. I just happen to be the anchor event and the first for the new series. I fully expect other events to join in throughout the next year or two.”

Brown added that in some cases he will be involved in starting new races.

Ultra515 Canada is a 3-day, 515 kilometre individual event. It covers part of the Okanagan-Similkameen regions. Entry is limited to 35 individual entries and is by invitation only. The Canadian event was established in 1993 and runs on the August long weekend.

Stage/Day 1 –Starts with a 10.0 km (6.2 mile) swim in Skaha Lake from Penticton to Sovereign Road near Okanagan Falls, followed by a 144.8 km (90.0-mi) bike ride, from the swim transition, south over the Richter Pass and return to the finish at Kenyon Park in Okanagan Falls. The amount of elevation climb is 1240 meters.

Stage/Day 2 – Consists of a challenging 275.8 km (171.4 mile) bike ride, beginning in Penticton and ending in Princeton. The amount of elevation climb is 1760 meters.

Stage/ Day 3 – Finishes with a grueling 84.4 km (52.4 mile) double-marathon run from Princeton. The run course varies in elevation from 845 m to 1170 m above sea level and has some very steep climbs and descents. Approximately 1/3 the course consists of gravel road.

Time Limits: Each Stage/Day has a 12 hour total time limit. I n addition, the Swim portion of Stage/Day 1 has a 6 hour cut off.  Stage/Day 3 has intermediate cut offs of 6 hours – 42 km and 9 hours – 63 km.

Ultra515 Canada opens its applications for the 2015 event Oct. 1, 2014. Anyone interested in applying can do so by going to www.ultra515.com and follow the links to registration.