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WATCH: Man speed-flies over Penticton’s Skaha Lake in stunning video

Chris Philpot, 30, speed-flies every chance he gets since moving to the Okanagan
Chris Philpot wowed many with his speed-flying video over Skaha Lake in Penticton. Chris Philpot / Instagram

An Okanagan speed-flying pilot wowed locals when he shared a video of himself soaring through the skies over Skaha Lake in Penticton.

Chris Philpot, 30, has been living in the Okanagan for about two years and speed-flying everyday the conditions will allow him.

Speed-flying is an advanced discipline of paragliding that uses a smaller than normal, high-performance paraglider. The small wings allow fliers to descend faster and have more control to perform tricks like barrel rolls, Philpot explained.

Philpot said he can reach speeds of up to 90km/h while speed-flying. Originally from the U.K., he’s been involved in extreme sports like skydiving and bungee jumping for more than 10 years, but says speed-flying is now how he gets most of his thrills.

Check out the video below:

For more speed-flying videos in the Okanagan and throughout B.C., you can follow Philpot on Instagram @chrisphilpot and TikTok @speedfly_adventure.

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