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Time to grow up? B.C. 60-year-old celebrates 15th birthday

Vancouver Island man aborn Feb. 29, 1964

Brock Noseworthy will always retain his youth.

The Chemainus resident was born during a leap year in 1964 on Feb. 29 so he’s technically only had 15 actual birthdays, but is going on 60. This year being another leap year, it gives Noseworthy the rare chance to mark the occasion on his actual birthday Thursday.

“I’m going to be turning 15 and the most experienced 15-year-old you’ve ever seen,” he chuckled. “Now that I’m 15 I think I should start to mature a little.”

Noseworthy said he never felt ripped off by not having his true birthday every year.

“All my life people said, ‘do you celebrate it on the 28th or March 1st?’” he acknowledged.

The answer is either one and “sometimes nothing,” Noseworthy added. “Whenever it did land on a leap year, I’d make up for it.”

More than anything else, “it’s always a conversation piece,” he indicated.

Born in Montreal, Noseworthy has lived in a variety of places before coming to Chemainus 12 years ago.

Being at hugely different points of the age spectrum, he doesn’t have any big plans for this year’s birthday.

“I’m not fully retired, I’m getting there,” Noseworthy noted.

Not many 15-year-olds can ever say that.

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