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Letter: Penticton dog parks in desperate need of upgrades

A group has formed to work with the city in hopes of improving the look and safety of dog parks
The Dartmouth dog park in Penticton is dusty and lacks shade. A group has formed to seek improvements to existing parks and add parks as well. (Jane Thornthwaite photo)

Dear editor:

Are you a dog owner and would like to improve or increase the dog-friendly beaches or parks in our beautiful city? We are a small group of individuals who are gathering in the hopes of working collaboratively with city officials to improve the dog-friendly amenities in Penticton.

We are looking for individuals who think we could improve on what we already have and make suggestions on other potential dog park or beach sites. Our current dog parks are often in pretty bad shape, either dusty or muddy and offer little shade.

If you are interested in becoming involved and helping us out, you can email us at

Jane Thornthwaite